Mission Statement



Wicklow Logistics provides water transportation services for the oil and gas industry in a reliable, professional and safe manner for Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Wicklow Logistics, Inc. was formed in January of 2009 as a broker company, which only dispatched trucks. Soon enough they wanted to start building their own fleet. In March 2010 they were able to purchase their first truck.  Today we have expanded to 10 trucks, and are still able to dispatch additional trucks. Our history is just beginning but we think we are off to a great start. 

Here at Wicklow Logistics we are committed to providing a better future for our employees and our community. We provide a safe working environment for all of our employees by complying with all applicable safety and security regulations. These include but are not limited to, DOT, EPA, OSHA, and other federal, state, and local safety and health agencies. In addition we train our employees to follow these regulations, and other safety practices, with a low tolerance for cases when these practices are not followed.