AKA Zuzel-Lu

Zoey was adopted by Colby Ruffner. Zoey was found online. A neighbor reported an abused dog next door. They offered to talk to their neighbor if someone agreed to come and pick her up. When Colby picked her up, she was wet and dirty from being outside without shelter. When the previous owner placed his hand on her to get her in the car, she peed and began to shake. In the first few months her fur changed colors from bathing and having good quality dog food. Also, even though she was three years old when adopted, she gained 20 lbs. 

Today Zoey enjoys supervising her brother and sister, Nala and Lionel, and just relaxing. She also enjoys snuggling! 

Nala and Lionel. 

Nala and Lionel are litter mates, separated for some time but now happily reunited. Nala was adopted when she was 3 months old by Colby Ruffner, Assistant to the Vice President. Lionel was also adopted at that time by someone else, he was however returned to the shelter a few months later. A few months after that, Colby found him back on Petfinder and brought him home the next day. 

They were originally brought to the shelter after being found with their mother, only days old in the cold western PA woods in late November 2013. 

Today Nala and Lionel enjoy playing outside in the snow, and inside with their toys. 


Often at our office you can be greeted by a variety of furry friends. A lot of our employees have help make a difference in our community by adopting a pet in need and by being responsible pet owners. Here are some happy "tails". 


Tucker was adopted from Lancaster by Coleen Ruffner, Vice President. He was turned into a rescue agency from an Amish Farm. He was kept in a run with approximately 200 other dogs. They dumped food in the run once a week, and who ate; ate and who didn't; didn't. Until he was rescued he hadn't felt grass beneath his feet. 

Today Tucker comes to work with his mom every day and enjoys playing ball in his big back yard.

For how bad his early years of his life were Tucker has adjusted very well to his new and improved life.  


AKA Cody Bear

Cody was rescued Glenda Dickson, President of Wicklow Logistics Inc. He was going have to be put down when his previous owner couldn't take care of him anymore. Lucky for him a local organization found him and called Glenda who went and adopted him soon after. 

Coldy now enjoys playing outside, chasing the animals that find their way into the yard. He also likes to talk back and always have the last word!