In addition to our hauling and logistic services we offer a variety of services to aid any company through the entire frac process. This can include, truck pushing, repairs to loading and unloading areas, minor spill cleanup, containment clean up assistance and others. If you have other services you require, contact us and we may be able to help!


Keeping Trucks in Motion

Wicklow Logistics also dispatches other qualified company's trucks to work along our fleet. This allows us to provide a full water service for our customers, and help other local companies. 

Wicklow Logistics has experience during all stages of the fracking process. We  have experience dispatching over 50 trucks to meet the needs of our customers. 


Specializing in Energy

Wicklow Logistics offers competitive rates for quotes contact the office.

Wicklow Trucks are all 110 BBL capacity 

Hauling materials such as:

-Fresh Water                            -Residual Fluid

-Containment Water               - Production Fluid

-Drilling Fluid                            -Oily Water

-Onsite Treated Water            - Drilling Mud

-Fowarded Water                    -Flowback

-Rig Water                                -Rain

-Brine                                       -Pit Water

-Reuse                                     -Treated Fluid

-Frac                                        -Other    


We Haul to and From:     

-Frac Sites

-Rig Sites

-Treatment Plants

-Water Municipalities



Specialized Equipment

-Mini Water truck with removable pump and tank for those hard to reach places 

-110BBL Water truck with lifted tank for dumping and hauling of additional materials such as water with solids and drill cuttings

-110 BBL trucks with additional axels for full tank travels in Ohio